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Get ready for spring cleaning

This is what you need for a well-organized home

A well-organized home is a well-organized head. Your home is the place where you can unwind and relax. We experience this feeling best with a well tidied house, as it creates a pleasant atmosphere. But how do you keep your home tidy?

01 Everything in its own place

Putting everything in a permanent place helps keep an overview. Take the hallway as an example. There is often just too much of everything here: coats, shoes, mail, loose keys and parcels. This immediately creates a messy impression. Try to give everything its own place. Put a nice bowl on the hallway cupboard. This is an ideal place to collect your keys and avoid losing them.

02 Minimize your home

Often you have a lot of stuff in your house that you don't really do anything with. This needs some sorting out, but it brings a lot of happiness. Put on your favourite music and make it an atmospheric afternoon of tidying. Do you come across lots of little things that you want to keep? Stock jars, for instance, are very handy to store it in. In addition, you can go sustainable. Take the things you get rid of to a charity shop or thrift store. Do you find it hard to get rid of your stuff? Then think about making someone else very happy again. This will give you that extra push.

03 A tidy living room

Different kinds of plaids on the sofa, a bunch of keys lying around, hair elastics here and there. Store your plaids in a basket and put it next to the sofa. This looks playful and cheerful. Besides, you have your blanket within reach when you are curled up on the sofa. In addition, put down a nice bowl or tray for all the little trinkets you come across.

een nette frisse badkamer
een nette frisse badkamer

04 A clean fresh bathroom

A bathroom quickly becomes cluttered. Towels on the floor, a bar of soap here and there, toothbrushes lying around. Hang the towels where they belong. Choose a refillable soap pump where you are also doing something sustainable. Put a mug down to collect all the toothbrushes and put this on a beautiful bathroom shelf.

Everything for a well-organized home

Which do you choose?