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Green up your home


From vibrant mint to dark forest: the green shades of plants have a special effect on the atmosphere. In the language of colour therapy, it is associated with serenity. But did you know they also have an air-purifying effect? Plants reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Also, they naturally increase humidity in your home. For optimal air quality, place one plant per 10 m². We provide you with 3 tips to enjoy the soothing effect of more nature in your home. 

Tip 01

Every interior is more beautiful with a some extra plants, but choose varieties that match your style. Bohemian? Then go for colourful and eclectic combined with a rattan pot. Do you prefer Scandinavian? Then plants that radiate tranquility and simplicity are your ideal match, such as an Areca palm. Do you want to create a real urban jungle? Then more = more. For example, combine a large Monstera with a banana plant and hanging plants for a playful jungle vibe. 

Tip 02

Not a natural gardener? Don't worry. If you have never been able to keep a plant alive - but do want to make your interior greener - you can also consider artificial plants and flowers.

Fleur Grandeur print

Tip 03

Green home accessories give your interior a botanical look. Do you want to make a real statement? Then opt for a green wall with a cheerful floral design.