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More colour in your bathroom in 5 simple steps

Do you want to refresh your bathroom? Add some colour! This way you can transform a somewhat standard space into something special. It can be a bit scary to move away from neutral tones, but we promise you: the right colours make you even more excited to use your shower at the end of a long day. Are you ready for a explosion of colour?

Pick your favourite colour

Think about the shades you want to use in your bathroom. For example, bright colors give cheerfulness and energy, while dark and timid shades create an elegant appearance. You can mix and match color nuances, but stick to one shade for a stylish tone-on-tone effect.

Are you going for print or plain?

How colour is so decisive, so are designs. By adding a print to your room you can suddenly create a completely different effect. Our Les Fleurs floral print gives your bathroom a romantic, cheerful and dreamy look, where Tile de Pip conveys luxury and elegance.

Pick your favourite accessories

Of course, accessories cannot be missing in your bathroom. They add the finishing touches to your project. Therefore, match your soap dispenser and drinking cup with the colour or print of your choice for the ultimate picture.

Finish your bathroom with your favourite bouquet

It's something you might not think of very quickly, but flowers - with a matching vase - can do a lot for your bathroom. Our Pip Flowers are made of silk, so you never have to replace them and they always brighten up your room or space. 

Or give an extreme make-over

Do you want to take a more rigorous approach? Let the bathroom of your dreams come to life by tiling the walls or floors in the colour and print of your choice. This way you can create something special and unique with a lot of character. As if you have just walked into a Moroccan riad.