The simplest way to create atmosphere in your home is with candles. Last but not least, candles also provide warmth.

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In seasons such as autumn or winter, it is wonderful that candles provide us with extra warmth. Besides warmth, candles also create special moments, think of birthdays, for example.

Create atmosphere with candles

Pip Studio candles are not just any candles, the special candles are designed with an eye for detail. The luxury candles may not be scented but they are suitable for multiple occasions. Order the Pip Studio candles online and burn a candle on your moment. A moment for yourself, a moment to celebrate, or a moment you want to reflect on. Buy candles for all these occasions at Pip Studio.

A golden edge

Pip Studio's colorful candles are designed with a golden lining. This golden detail is typical of Pip and gives a luxurious look. The candle is protected with a cardboard that is designed especially for you in Pip style. The metal candles are different in size and therefore all have a different burn time. If you are super creative, you can also reuse the metal holder to make your own candles.

Mix & match

The most fun is to mix & match several candles. By placing large and long candles together, you can create a playful effect. Combine the candles with Pip Studio candleholders and candlesticks and create the complete look.