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How to make your home winter ready with Pip

King Winter is lurking. That means a lot of fun, warmth and cosiness. The perfect time to get your home ready for the cold days ahead. How about a warm bathrobe to hide in? Or candles and candle holders to make your home atmospheric?

Our Winter Wonderland collection

With our Winter Wonderland collection you turn every dinner into a special one. The porcelain is richly decorated with exotic flowers, leaves, squirrels and golden fruits, giving you the real winter feeling. Even if there is no snow outside yet.

Stay warm under our plaids and quilts

Whether you put your plaid or quilt on the bed or on the couch, you can't live without this extra layer of warmth in winter. Our plaids and quilts match perfectly with our bedding and pillows, making it easy to create the bed of your dreams. Choose your favourite print and you are completely winter-ready. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

A soft bathrobe to hide in

When it's cold outside, getting out of your hot shower is anything but fun. Provided there is a soft bathrobe waiting for you! Our bathrobes are made of high quality terry cloth, which makes them comfortable and warm. There's no better excuse to retreat to the couch with a cup of tea this winter. Which of course - you drink from your Pip mug.

Cosy at home with candles and candle holders

Candles are one of the greatest atmosphere makers in your home. And our candles and candle holders go above and beyond. Pick a colour that matches your interior - or go for elegant glass candle holders that look great with everything. They come in all kinds of different shapes and heights, which creates a playful effect on the dining table.