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NEW: Winter Wonderland

NEW: Winter Wonderland

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Dream away with the Pip Studio’s Winter Wonderland porcelain

Looking for elegant and detailed porcelain? The Winter Wonderland collection from Pip Studio will take you on a journey to a rich filled forest with beautiful leaves, branches, flowers, and animals. Plates, Bowls, mugs, and even more items are characterized by their beautiful prints and designs.

Mix & match Winter Wonderland kitchen textile

New in the Winter Wonderland collection: kitchen textile. The tea towels, ovenmits, potholders and tablecloths will finish your kitchen and table complete in style.

Small and big baking dishes

Make a delicious oven meal for a large company with the square or round oven dish. Around and on the inside of these oven dishes you will find several wintery details like berries, birds and more. Want to make a 1-persons oven dish? Our ramequins have the perfect size for you!

Lost in detailed prints and designs

The various items from the Winter Wonderland collection are decorated with a detailed design, which consists of elegant seasonal flowers, acorns, birds and here and there a squirrel. Create a cozy atmosphere on the table by mixing the plates, bowls and mugs.

Serving desserts on cake trays and cake stands

Fancy serving a dessert? Serve it with a winter wonderland cake tray, or 3-layer cake stand. These items are a real eye-catcher on the table and will make sure your guest won’t miss anything. Does your guest fancy a cup of tea? Order the tea mugs with matching tea pot and tea tip to make the moment complete.