Shawls and beanies

Shawls and beanies

You just finished your yoga exercise class and don't want to catch a cold. Wrap a scarf around you that perfectly matches your sports outfit from Pip Studio and finish your look with a beanie.

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Pip Studio scarves and beanies are available in different colors so you can match them with all your outfits. Wear the women's scarf casually or wrap yourself up well to stay a little warmer. Before you step outside, quickly put on your beanie.

Perfect scarves and beanies for this fall

New in our collection: scarves and beanies. Perfect for creating a casual look on your day off. Choose from a dark green, dark red or beige scarves to match the outfit of the day. The beanies are available in dark blue, dark red, beige and dark green. The scarves and beanies are made of a soft acrylic fabric and as a Pip Studio detail, have a bright border in a matching color.

Stylish and comfortable with a scarf

The new Pip Studio scarves and beanies are a must-have for this season to create a comfortable outfit. Pimp your outfit by adding a scarf to create a tougher outfit! Perfect to combine with the new beanie hat from Pip Studio.

These beanies are not to be missed!

Find the ideal scarf and beanie at Pip Studio, we offer a wide range with the one size beanies ladies and scarves ladies. The scarves come in dark green, dark red and beige and the beanie ladies in dark blue, dark green, dark red and beige.