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Non-woven wallpaper

Wallpapering with non-woven wallpaper is a breeze! With non-woven wallpaper, you can change the look of your room in no time. Which room will you give a makeover?

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Say hello to Pip Studio wallpaper

At Pip Studio you will find a wide range collection of wallpaper. Unique patterns with cheerful colors which will inspire you every day. The wallpaper collection consists of different textures wallpaper, namely: vinyl wallpaper, smooth wallpaper, and wallpaper with relief. Besides, you have the choice of wallpaper with a shiny or matt finish. We have something for everyone!

How do I put up wallpaper myself?

Putting up wallpaper by yourself was never this easy. With Pip Studio wallpaper you will be done just like that and all by yourself. Say goodbye to hiring someone or blundering with your wallpaper. With some help from our help guide and golden tips you can also put it up like a professional!

What is the advantage of non-woven wallpaper?

You don’t have to know a lot when putting up non-woven wallpaper from Pip Studio. The big advantage from non-woven wallpaper is that you don’t have to smear with glue. You can go get working dry and clean and its easy to cut. Even years later you can easily remove the wallpaper dry. You pull it right off the wall (if it is glued with right glue of course). Doesn’t that sound easy?

Buy wallpaper online

You look around in your home and something is missing, what’s the solution? Buying wallpaper! Wallpaper from Pip Studio is easy to buy online, and we have a wide range. You can choose from over 100 different patterns, colors, and textures wallpaper. Extra tip: We made a wallpaper calculator online, so you can buy the right number of rolls.

Wallpaper for every room

You can use wallpaper everywhere. Give your bedroom some flair, pimp your kitchen with a new color or give your living room a new look with wallpaper. Choose from several styles and colors. Let exotic birds fly around, bring the sun inside the house with warm colors or keep it simple with modern stripes. What will you choose?