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With small vases, you can make your interior a little more colorful.  Fill the vases with beautiful pink peonies, even without flowers the vases are super nice decoration pieces. Many of our small vases are also bestsellers. Are you curious why?

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Sometimes you have an empty spot on that one little table or cabinet, it's an empty spot where something is missing! This can be done perfectly with one or more small vases. The glass vases are beautiful in the living room, a colorful detail in the bedroom, or a warm feeling in the bathroom. They are unique vases in different colors and adapt to any interior.

How to combine them.

Just like our small vases, our candleholders also adapt to their surroundings. That's why they combine well. Like the vases, these are made entirely of glass. This makes them look great together on a side table and give a nice atmosphere. Do you really want to be creative? Then you can place a candle in the narrow vase to make everything into a whole.

Which color suits your home decoration?

The vases come in sets of three, with a choice of pink vases or green vases. Unique in their own way. The vases are not all three the same color, but each a different tone of color. This makes it playful and creates a dynamic between the vases and your room.

Enjoy even the last good flowers from your bouquet

You probably know it, you have a beautiful bunch of flowers, but it's a bit at its end. But there are still a few good flowers among them, which you don't really want to throw away. Take them out and place them in our small vases! This way you have a new, fresh look, and you don't throw away the good flowers. This is also sustainable; you will enjoy your flowers longer. Don't like real flowers? Check out our artificial flowers, and still give the vases with flowers a bright look.

In short, our vases can be used in multiple ways. To fill an empty space, to not throw away that one beautiful flower or to give a cozy atmosphere. It is that detail that completes it all, but in your home. Order your small new vases quickly and create more eye for detail!