Long sleeve shirts

Pip studio's long sleeve T-shirts can be combined in multiple ways. This makes it an wonderful purchase! Want to know in what ways the long sleeve shirts can be used?

Long sleeve T-shirts are ideal for fall, but also for winter. Sometimes in autumn it's still just a little too warm for a thick sweater, especially if you're out in the sunshine. But that summer top is too chilly again. This is where the long-sleeved T-shirts come in handy. With that, there are also several choices. There are long sleeve shirts with a V-neck, a round neck, or for the enthusiast, a collar. There are also many designs, so there is something for you anyway!

Quick & easy outfit

First, the long-sleeved T-shirts are nice to wear as a loose top. Nice jeans underneath or one of our long pants, é voilà. Top off the outfit with some jewelry and a cute bag, and you're ready to go! Good to know, all our latest collections are sustainable. Want to know more about Pip Studio's sustainable collections? Read more here.

Use as a sports top

Our long sleeve shirts can also be used for sports. With a tight pair of sports trousers underneath, you complete the whole look. This is because many of the shirts are made of viscose, which is a supple, thin fabric. It feels relatively cool on the skin, which makes it fine for working out.

Under your clothes

When the weather gets colder, you still want to dress a little warmer. Sometimes you have a nice jumpsuit or top that is a little too cold. An extra layer is insulating, so will keep you nice and warm. There are also garments with a low neck, which is nice at the beach, but is nothing at work. With Pip Studio's long-sleeved T-shirts underneath, you can still wear this top to work or other occasions.

Want to stay warm on the cold days? Then you desperately need the long sleeve T-shirts from Pip Studio. Enjoy chilly days, treat yourself and stay nice and warm!