Vinyl wallpaper

Is your bedroom in need of a makeover? Be creative and brighten up the room with vinyl wallpaper from Pip Studio. Which color will you go for?

Pip Studio vinyl wallpaper can be recognized by its floral prints and cheerful colors. Totally fan of our bath and shower collection, Good evening? Then this is your lucky day!

Good evening collection

Our super popular Good evening collection has been translated into Pip Studio vinyl wallpaper. The wallpaper is a real eye-catcher and gives the room a new look. The bright wallpaper features beautiful flowers and tropical birds. Get inspired and get lost in the oriental murals. The wallpaper is made of high quality and resembles fabric wallpaper due to its rich texture. We made sure there are plenty of options in terms of colors, so you can endlessly mix & match.

Practical information

You can wallpaper with vinyl wallpaper too! The wallpaper is easy to cut to size, and you don't need a wallpapering table. Pip Studio vinyl wallpaper is easy to work with dry and clean, and you remove it whenever you want by easily pulling it off the wall. You keep your new favorite wallpaper neat by wiping it down with a slightly damp cloth. The rolls are 10 m long and 0.52 cm wide, and the pattern height is 70 cm. Tip: Need a new Pip Studio vinyl wallpaper but the old one still needs to be removed? First remove the top layer, start at the seam and pull it down. Moisten the bottom layer with soap and water and let it soak in well. Then remove the underlayment with a putty knife. Inspired to get started? Check out the step-by-step plan here.

And another great fact, we have a 10% discount on all vinyl wallpaper, have fun shopping.