Cappuccino cups

Expecting visitors? Serve your lovingly prepared cappuccino in a Pip cappuccino cup & saucer. Provide the accompanying bowl with a delicious treat and delight your guests.

Serve your cappuccino in a cappuccino cup and saucer from Pip Studio

A cappuccino is often made with a little love, the perfect foam layer on top with the figure of a heart. such a drink you want to serve with love and that’s possible with our Pip crockery!  The cappuccino cups come, just like the espresso cups, with a matching cup-saucer.

Cappuccino cups in several designs

Enjoy your cappuccino even more through the cheerful designs from Pip Studio. Each of our cappuccino cups have a unique design. Floral-Early Bird is perfect for the nature lovers among us. The jolly birds and flower branches give them a summery feeling. Jolie also can’t be missed in the collection; the green colors and gold details give it an elegant and vibrant feeling. Bigger fan of minimalistic prints? Then check out our Pip Chique collection. Which cappuccino cups will you be adding to your crockery?

Essential for coffee lovers

They are countless ways to drink a cup of coffee, but a cappuccino must be a known favorite among coffee lovers. The sauces which’s comes with our cups, is perfect for a small treat with your coffee, like a chocolate or cookie. You can enjoy your coffee even more with a cute cup. Maybe some more practice to create a figure with frothed milk but with a beautiful cappuccino cup from Pip Studio you can come a long way.

Available in a fun set

Our cappuccino cups are available separately but also as a 2-piece set. Super handy! This way you can easily create a pretty crockery collection. Mix and match with other colors for a playful effect or keep it simple by using the same collection. Check out our other porcelain sets to expand your crockery even more.

Make your coffee table-setting complete with a matching milk jug and sugar bowl or sore your coffee beans in one of our storage pots.