Egg cups

Pip Studio's egg cups will make your table setting complete. Expand your favorite Pip tableware collection with one of the matching egg cups.

Serve your soft- or hard-boiled eggs in Pip Studio egg cups

Want to go big during the weekend or holidays? It’s possible with a good, filling breakfast which consists of a boiled egg! With our collection egg cups you can serve your whole family a delicious, boiled egg, this way everyone’s day will start off with a smile. Expanding your crockery is fun for the holidays like easter but it’s also handy for daily use.

Enchanting prints and cheerful colors

Your egg will be even more delicious with a cheerful egg cup. At Pip Studio we have several shapes and designs. Go, for example, for the jolly La Majorelle design or go for a modern touch with Royal Stripes. Our egg cups are made from 100% high-quality porcelain which makes them long durable. Are you going for gold dots, cheerful stripes, flowers, or a beautiful tile pattern on your egg cup?

Start the day with a stylish breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you want to start it off right. An egg has a lot of nutritional values that are important for your body. Enjoy, next to your egg, a delicious cup of coffee in a beautiful coffee mug, a bowl of yoghurt and maybe even some toast, which can be served on our breakfast plates. Having breakfast with company? Pore some fresh orange juice from one of our pitchers. Enjoy your meal!

Can’t choose? Check out our porcelain breakfast sets.