Guest towels

Guest towels

Are you looking for new guest towels ? Then you've come to the right place at Pip Studio. Take a look at our guest towels in cheerful colours and prints and surprise yourself!

Guest towels: perfect for everyday use

A guest towel is essential for both you and your guests. It’s perfect for drying your hands, but also great for your face after a good scrub. Apart from the fact that guest towels are convenient, they also often brighten up the bathroom. Looking for a dash of colour in your bathroom or kitchen? Have a look at the Pip Studio guest towels.

Handy for him and her

Did you know that a guest towel is not only handy for a woman’s cleaning ritual, but also for men? After shaving, for instance, men also love to dry off with a small and soft hand towel.

Hand towels with a design or solids

Combine Pip Studio guest towels with towels in other sizes and match the different colours and designs. If you’re looking for a subtle look, look no further than the Tile de Pip collection. Prefer a more cheerful ambiance? Choose one of the towels in the Good Evening series. Our patterned towels feature elegant flowers with the occasional bird or butterfly. You might also like our Les Fleurs series of towels, featuring elegant flower branches and small, stylized flowers.

Soft guest towels: 100% cotton

The guest towels in our collection are made of 100% cotton terry. This makes them wonderfully soft and comfortable. Thanks to the high-quality material, they are exceptionally absorbent, breathable and fast-drying – perfect for when you need to use them often.

Good things come in small packages

Bring them along in your suitcase when travelling or hang them in the bathroom. Guest towels are small in size, making them easy to bring with you for fast hand-drying. And did you know that, thanks to the hanging loop, you can hang them up anywhere and everywhere?