Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are ideal for a day out. Whether it's the zoo with the kids, or a day in the city with your girlfriends, it's guaranteed to come in handy. Want to know why?

Having a small crossbody bag is easy when your hands are full. You can just leave it loose; it still hangs around your body. All the most important things like your phone and wallet are right at hand, there is just enough space.

Combine your new bag

Our crossbody bags are available in pink and green. There are also different models, designs, and combinations of designs. For each crossbody bag, we have designed a matching wallet to make the contents of your bag stand out as well. Want to carry a little more? Combine the bag with one of our shoppers. That way you have the most important things at hand, as well as your incidentals with you.


We also think about the animal friendliness of our crossbody bag made of leather. This is because it is PU leather, this is not real leather. Sometimes it is applied on a layer of split leather, but it can also be made from leather scraps. It is a strong material, flexible, but most importantly, it does not let water through. This makes the bag of high quality.

2 in 1

Need a few things?? Then we have for you our phone bag. You can think of this as a kind of combination between our crossbody bags and purses. It has enough space for your phone and a zipper where you can safely store some cards. This way you only have the essentials at hand. The adjustable strap allows you to hang the bag higher or lower on your body, exactly where you want it.

Treat yourself to the comfort of having everything quickly and easily to hand, and of course to a day out! Let our crossbody bags make your day easier.