Plaids & Quilts

Plaids & Quilts

Plaids and quilts are nice to keep you warm on the couch or use it as an extra blanket when you go to sleep. Our collection of plaids and quilts will also match beautifully with our duvet covers.

Add warmth to your interior with a Pip Studio plaids and quilts

Our collection of plaids and quilts go together beautifully with the Pip Studio duvet covers. Plaids and quilts are a delightful way to stay warm on the sofa or to use as an extra blanket at night. Of course, Pip Studio plaids and quilts can also be placed on the floor for the children to play on or draped over a stool as an extra touch in your interior.

A quilt or plaid for dreaming away

Create an even more inviting bedroom with the beautiful bed collection from Pip Studio. Choose one of our lovely quilts or plaids to match your personal style or freshen up your bedroom for a new season.

Cotton plaids

Our high-quality quilts & plaids are guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy on cold winter days. Want to create a homely ambiance with a beautiful bedspread? Choose one of our 100% cotton plaids or quilts. Prefer a more luxurious look & feel? Find a favourite in our plaids and quilts made of 100% polyester velvet.

Quilts & plaids in a variety of colours

At Pip Studio, we have plaids and quilts in several colours to enhance your interior. Choose a lovely and warm winter colour like dark blue or refreshing colour like pink. The plaids & quilts are reversible for a fun mix & match effect, so you can create your own personal style.

Quilt & plaid sizes

It’s important to choose the right size quilt or plaid. That is why we offer them in a range of sizes. Whether you have a single, double or even king size bed, Pip Studio quilts & plaids are available in different sizes to guarantee an even dreamier night’s rest.

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