A wallet is an item that absolutely cannot be missing from your bag. You will find that the wallet is more than just a place to store cards.

A wallet is an item that keeps all your cards together, so you don't lose anything. In short, the wallet is an item that cannot be missed. Luckily, Pip Studio has plenty of choice, and you can find the wallet that suits you perfectly.

Different collections

Pip Studio sells different collection of wallets. The different prints match with the bags collection and provide the perfect combinations. Not only the bags are fun to match with each other, but with our women's fashion you can create the nicest outfits. For inside, but also for outside. This allows you to match your wallet with the bags, but also with our women's fashion.


At Pip Studio, we sell different sizes of wallets. Besides the different sizes, you can also find different shapes. Think of a square wallet or a rectangular one. For every bag there is a perfect wallet because you have plenty of choice.

Bags from Pip Studio

From weekend bags to shoulder bags and shoppers, you will find them all at Pip Studio. We have a different bag for every occasion. Going away for the weekend? Or do you want a small bag for an outing. You will find the perfect bag for every occasion at Pip Studio.

How do you combine your new Pip Studio wallet with our awesome women's fashion collection?