Outdoor carpets

For those who can't wait for nice weather and want to brighten up their garden or terrace right now! This is perfectly possible with the outdoor carpets from Pip. These outdoor carpets are weather-resistant and ideal for that spring-summer feeling!

A colourful outdoor carpet for any garden

An outdoor carpet transforms your veranda, balcony or terrace into the most cheerful space. Pip's outdoor carpets are unique designs, designed from detailed drawn prints. This makes it the eye-catcher of your garden.

Practical and stylish

The outdoor carpet has a rectangular shape, which gives a chic atmosphere. You transform your garden into a comfortable and stylish space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Moreover, Pip Studio's outdoor carpets are made of cotton and acrylic, so the carpets will stay beautiful for a long time. Which unique design will brighten up your outdoor space?

Outdoor carpets in different sizes

At Pip Studio, we provide two different sizes of outdoor carpets. The small outdoor carpets are perfect for the balcony and the large carpets fit beautifully on your veranda or in your wider garden.

  • Outdoor carpet 120 x 180 cm 
  • Outdoor carpet 230 x 160 cm 

Different designs

All garden carpets feature unique designs to complete your outdoor space. Whether you want a relaxing atmosphere or a vintage look, Pip's outdoor carpets are the perfect choice. The Bamboleo carpets are teeming with imaginative leaves and trees. If you go for the El Bordado Pink print, you will enjoy geometric shapes made up of small flowers. This gives a cosy look. Explore the other prints and choose the one that suits you.

Match outdoor carpets with accessories

An outdoor carpet by itself creates a relaxing atmosphere, but how nice is it to complete your outdoor space with accessories? Style your veranda or balcony with a pretty lilac vase with artificial flowers. How to make your garden the way you envision it, so you can relax?