Tea towels

Mix & match your Pip tableware with colorful tea towels. Will you choose a single tea towel or go for a complete tea towel set?

Tea towels from Pip Studio

Tea towels, we use them every day and you can’t have enough of them laying around. Luckily, we have a few cute tea towels in our collection, all decorated with a fun print and color. Our tea towels are made from cotton and are perfect for drying off your crockery.

Jolly colors and designs

Our tea towels are not only essential but also stylish in your kitchen. By using fun designs and colors they are even better to use in the kitchen. The Blushing Birds tea towels are richly decorated with exotic flowers, butterflies, and birds. The Jolie towels are decorated with unique trees, flowers, and herons. Floral lover? Then our Flower Festival tea towels are the perfect option for your kitchen. All towels come with a handy loop, which makes them easy to hang somewhere.

Additional table and kitchen textile

Besides fun tea towels, you can also find other kitchen and table textile at Pip Studio, like table runners, oven mitts, and dazzling aprons. Without beautiful kitchen textile, your kitchen won’t be complete. Combine your kitchen textile with, for example, a beautiful porcelain sets or glassware. With our gorgeous textile, you’ll be the next master-chef!


Tip: a tea towel is also perfect for gift-giving. Still looking for something else? Check out our gift-guide for more inspiration.