Bowls & Trays

Bowls & Trays

Who doesn't love beautiful bowls and trays? At Pip Studio you can choose from different colours and models that will brighten up your kitchen!

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La Majorelle Bowl Yellow 9.5cm Placeholder
La Majorelle Bowl Yellow 9.5cm Placeholder

La Majorelle Bowl Yellow 9.5cm

€ 10.95 € 6.45

Pip Studio porcelain bowls and trays

Add a set of versatile porcelain bowls and trays to your kitchen with the wonderful items from Pip Studio. From soup bowls to serving trays and from salad and fruit bowls to enameled trays, there’s something for everyone in the Pip Studio collection. Our collection is diverse, with designs ranging from solid colours like white, pink, khaki and yellow to prints with flowers, monkeys and stripes. Pip Studio bowls and trays are an absolute must in any porcelain collection.

Cake platters and deep serving trays

Celebrating an upcoming birthday or organising an informal gathering with friends or family? Naturally, you’ll want to serve your culinary creations in style. Your next birthday cake will look even more elegant and inviting on one of our cheerful and colourful cake platters. You can also delight your guests with delicious snacks and nuts presented in a coloured serving tray from Pip Studio. 

Hold a high tea at home with Pip Studio porcelain

Always wanted to hold a high tea? You’ll definitely need one of our cake stands. The three-layer cake stands from Pip Studio are richly adorned with prints like the La Majorelle and Blushing Birds designs. The cake stands combine beautifully with the coffee and tea porcelain sets in the collection. Mix & match a cake stand, for instance, with a small or large teapot and matching tea cups from the collection.

Salad or fruit bowl?

There’s nothing more delightful than a huge fruit salad in the summer. Of course, you’ll want to serve it in a lovely fruit bowl. Fill one of our fruit bowls with fresh fruit or a healthy salad. Not only is a well-stocked fruit bowl healthy, but it looks great in any kitchen. Cheer up your interior with a chockfull fruit bowl from Pip Studio.

Showcase your accessories on Pip Studio enameled trays

Looking for a large decorative tray to fill with accessories? The enameled trays come in different sizes. The enameled trays come in solid colours with a beautiful golden bottom. Pip Studio has various colours in its tray collection, so there’s always one to match your interior.