Dresses & Nightdresses

Dresses & Nightdresses

In love with wearing dresses during the summer days and already wanting to stock up on some dresses for the summer.

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The sale dresses & nightdresses from Pip Studio let you shine during the summer days. Here you can find several sorts and color dresses that you will fall in love with every summer. At Pip Studio we have a great sale at the end of the season where you can get ready for the next summer.

In which dress will you shine?

All summer sale dresses and nightdresses from Pip Studio are nicely lightweight and colorful. Every dress has its own unique color combination and fit. One dress has a V-neck, and the other dress has a round neck. So, feel free to look further at the sale items for your next holiday or for the next summer.

Which sale night dress do you start or end the day with?

Just relaxing on the couch after a long day in your nightgown, what a wonderful feeling. You can always wear the dresses. Just before going to sleep, for example, or while sleeping. You can also put it on in the early morning with a nice coffee cup in your hands. Those are always the moments you can enjoy in your nightgown.

Complete the look with accessories

With the accessories from Pip Studio you complete your outfit and you can leave the door radiant. Think of a nice headband for your hair. That is an item that completes the outfit. You can also think about the bags from Pip Studio. From weekend bags to shoppers or small crossbody bags. A unique bag for every occasion that makes the outfit shine. Fortunately, at Pip Studio you can mix and match many items so that it really becomes your own look.

Get lost in the summer clothes during the winter, for a good start for next summer. The countdown to summer can begin.