A comfy carpet is indispensable in any interior. Are you going for one of our colourful carpets or will you choose one of the vintage carpets with an enchanting design?

A colourful carpet for a new look

A carpet is a real eye-catcher in any room. Crazy about colourful carpets that give your home a vintage look? Then Pip Studio has just what you’re looking for! The choices range from carpets with unique designs and details to cheerful pastels.

Unique carpets of exceptional quality

Pip Studio carpets not only give your home a wonderful vintage look, but are also of exceptional quality. This means that your new carpet will not only look fantastic, but also stay looking fantastic for a very long time! That’s because the carpets are made of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. Ready to cheer up your home?

Various carpet sizes

Whether you’re looking for a small or large carpet, Pip Studio has four different sizes to choose from. The XS carpet is perfect for a cosy flat, bedroom or hallway, while the larger carpets look great under a large corner sofa or dinner table. The four carpets are available in the the sizes:

Carpet colour

The colour you choose for your carpet depends on the colours of the room. You can go for more basic colours like khaki or light blue, but the more colourful carpets are also a fantastic finishing touch for your vintage look! Pip Studio has lots of wonderful carpets from the Fleur Grandeur, Majorelle and Jolie collections. These collections have surprising prints with plenty of colour, flowers and other unique designs to complete your interior.

Unique designs

The unique carpet designs are inspired by antique and traditional carpets. With their colourful flowers and delicately coloured background, Pip Studio carpets give a contemporary and vintage twist to any home!

Style your home with accessories

Apart from the carpets, the other home accessories are an absolute must! How about our Blushing Birds candles or cushions? Combine them for the ultimate final touch!