White wallpaper

Your home is beautifully decorated, but you still feel like something is missing, we all know that feeling. Using white wallpaper in your home creates a sense of calm, yet it adds a touch of uniqueness with its delightful prints.



Complete your interior with white wallpaper from Pip Studio

Wallpaper looks great in the kitchen or in your bedroom, for example. It adds something special to your home.


Magical designs in white wallpaper

You want wallpaper that exudes a sense of calm but still has something unique. Pip Studio's white wallpaper is adorned with various patterns. Origami Tree gives your home a modern yet classic feel with its repeated pattern of stylized trees and birds. The matte background with metallic print gives the wallpaper a special and sophisticated look. White Good Nightingale wallpaper brings sunshine into your home with its cheerful design of branches and flowers, various unique bird species, and subtle metallic effects. Each little bird features an imaginative plumage with dots and stripes in rich colours.


Easy application of white wallpaper in your home

You have your white wallpaper at home and are ready to wallpaper, but how do you do it most efficiently? Wallpapering for beginners with non-woven wallpaper is very straightforward. The great advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that you no longer need to smear the rolls with glue, only the wall. Super convenient, and it avoids any mess! Especially for you, we've written a handy step-by-step blog and a blog with useful wallpapering tips. So you won't have to think for long, and your wallpaper will be up in your home before you know it.


Style white wallpaper with other home accessories for a beautiful ensemble

In addition to beautiful white & cream-coloured wallpaper, we also sell lovely home accessories to create the ultimate look in your home. Match your white wallpaper with a stylish chair or pouf, or add a vintage rug. Setting up your home office? We've also written a handy blog with great tips for that.