Fruit bowls

What beats healthy fruit bowls on the table or countertop! Buy a fruit bowl and fill it with your favorite fresh fruits. This will make it look even more delicious to eat fruit, and you will also have a nice accessory for the table right away.

Colorful fruit bowls from Pip Studio

At Pip Studio we sell metal trays in several sizes. The enameled trays have a solid color with a beautiful golden bottom and edge. We have a wide range of colors, so you can always find one that fits in your interior. By displaying your fruit in a nice way, you will want a juicy apple or some sweet strawberries even more. Are you going for a cheery yellow tray or vibrant green?

Fruit bowls: useful and stylish

‘’An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’’. And how fun if your apples are stored in a stylish way! Our fruit bowls are available in several sizes and colors and are also very fun to look at. Are you going for a fruit bowl on the dining table, or are you going for a smaller one for your coffee table? They are not only useful for fruit, place a fruit bowl in your hallway to store your keys or other items or store your vegetables that don’t need to go in the refrigerator. The fruit bowls are also easily cleaned with just a damp cloth. A win-win situation!

Mix and match with home décor

The fruit bowls are suitable to mix with our home décor. We sell beautiful vases and candleholders in matching colors. Decorate your dining table with a matching fruit bowl, vase, and complementary bouquet. Or place a fruit bowl in your kitchen for a pop of color. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page or styling blogs.