Photo wallpaper

Will you enrich your living room with photo wallpaper? Within our rich collection of photo wallpapers, everyone finds something they will like.

Magical photo-wallpaper from Pip Studio

Next to non-woven wallpaper you will also find photo-wallpaper in our collection. Photo-wallpaper consist of a wallcovering picture. Every photo-wallpaper tells its own story, this way you can pick one that gives the atmosphere you want to create. Pip has designed here most beautiful creations and transformer them in photo-wallpaper with lots of love.

How do you place photo-wallpaper

Photo-wallpaper can be applied very easily by yourself. The nice thing about photo-wallpaper? It’s printed on smart paper, because of this its less messy and quickly to apply. Smart paper, also known as non-woven paper, does not need to be glued and has no waiting time for it to dry. Read our step-by-step plan how to easily apply it on your wall here.

Buy Photo-wallpaper online

You look around in your home and something is missing, what will be the solution? A cheerful wall maybe? Photo-wallpaper from Pip Studio is easily bought online and there is a big range. Several patterns and colors will inspire you to create a new look on a wall. Buy your new photo-wallpaper easily online in our webshop.

Photo-wallpaper with flowers

Everybody becomes happy when they see flowers. Bring the sun inside by going for a photo-wallpaper decorated with flowers. Our flower designs consist of colorful flower types that playfully dance over the photo-wallpaper. Go for a fresh white, sunny yellow or magical blue photo-wallpaper.

Photo-wallpaper as eye-catcher in the bedroom

Your bedroom is maybe the most important room in your house. It’s the place where you rest. That’s way this room deserves some extra love and style by adding photo-wallpaper. With Good Morning you create a exotic oasis or go for the Melody to get that cheery and Greek feel.