large vases

Beautiful flowers deserve beautiful vases. With Pip Studio's large vases, you can turn every corner at home into a unique place.

A vase completes your home decoration. At Pip Studio we sell our vases in different sizes, shapes and colors, a unique vase for every bouquet. Which large vase suits your interior best?

How colorful will you make it at home?

The long vases in different colors complete your home decoration. The different colors of the vases radiate with the colorful flowers a lot of cheerfulness. Can you imagine it? Your own unique corner with the colors that make you happy. Quickly make your home more colorful with Pip Studio's large vases.

Artificial flowers that look real

At Pip Studio, we also sell artificial flowers! The flowers fit perfectly in our vases and look just like the real thing! Mix and match the vases and flowers with each other for the most beautiful color combinations. You don't have to pay attention to them anymore, and the flowers stay beautiful forever. Still want some variety? Our artificial flowers can also bend, allowing you to place the flowers differently or in a smaller vase. Bring color home with our vases and artificial flowers and create a beautiful spot in your home that will make everyone happy.

Home accessories for any place in the house

Combine the vases with your other home accessories for creative creations. Complete the table with a vase, candle holders and decorative bowls. Put a nice rug underneath and soft decorative pillows on the couch. Add a nice pouf and complete the picture at home.

Are you already falling in love with the Pip Studio vases? So many choices. Which vase will complete your home? The small vases, or do you go for the big ones?