Long drink glasses

A delicious cocktail (or mocktail) from long drink glasses, everyone enjoys it. But not only is this cozy, the preparations are always fun. Preparing food together, making drinks, but not to forget: setting the table together.

The atmosphere when you start setting the table together and try to make the table look its best is optimal. It is cozy, cheerful, you can laugh with each other, and everyone knows that the prospect is good, when you take a moment to take a smell in the kitchen. With two long drink glasses in your hand, one for the chef and one for you, you wait until you finally get to sit down at that beautiful table.

Table setting with atmosphere

With Pip Studio's long drink glasses, you'll complete your table. Especially if you combine it with one of our wine and champagne glasses or one of our water glasses. But first, of course, a tablecloth, that's where it all starts. Our tablecloths are the basis for a beautiful table setting. Be sure to look at 'kitchen & dining' for more inspiration for the perfectly set table.


The long drink glasses are tightly detailed. This way our long drink glasses make your drink even more appetizing. Whether it's a tropical piña colada with a piece of pineapple on the rim or a glass of lemonade with a bamboo straw, our long drink glasses make your drink unique.

Make drinking water more fun

The designs of the long drink glasses perhaps come out best with water in them. And that's a good thing because drinking water is very healthy, often you pour something else, like a juice or a cup of coffee. With our luxury long drink glasses in your cabinet, you'll grab a glass of water even faster.

So, our long drink glasses are not to be missed in your kitchen cabinets. Do you want to keep the mood going with a simple glass of water or just a slightly more luxurious drink? Order them today, and they will be in your kitchen cabinet before you know it!