Cake trays

With our cake trays, you can present every dish in a festive way. The plateaus are suitable for multiple occasions and available in various colors and prints.

Porcelain cake trays from Pip Studio

The porcelain cake trays from Pip Studio are indispensable in the kitchen. Besides serving a delicious pastry, there also useful for other treats or as a cute decoration in your home. Our cake trays are made from 100& high-quality porcelain and will enrich your crockery cabinet.

Different colors and sizes

The cake trays are available in different prints. Go, for example, for an oval tray or pick a round cake tray with pedestal. The cake trays in our range are also available in sever colors like, white, pink, blue or khaki. Are you going for a cheerful floral print with the Flower Festival design or a minimalistic print with Pip Chique? During the holidays we also have a special design: Winter Wonderland.

Mix and match with our additional crockery

Looking for extensive crockery for the kitchen cabinets? The cake trays are fun to mix with breakfast plates, egg cups and coffee mugs for a beautifully decorated table during breakfast. Or check out our range of porcelain sets, this way you can find quickly find a full set you’re looking for. For example, a tea set, diner set or set of mugs.

With our crockery you can go all out, a pastry during a coffee break, a bowl of popcorn during a movie night, we have something for every occasion.