Towels are indispensable in every bathroom. Mix & match our beautiful, high-quality but especially soft towels and complete your moments in the bathroom.

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Pip Studio bath towels: soft, softer, softest

After a refreshing shower, stay warm in a wonderfully soft bath towel. Like to go zen in the bathtub or let your thoughts run free under the shower? Looking forward to a wonderfully relaxing evening in the bathroom? At Pip Studio, we love not only a warm feeling on the inside, but also on the outside. Magnificently soft bath towels are a genuine must-have for this feeling. Thanks to the premium cotton fabric, not only are our bath towels extremely soft to the touch, but also solid and robust. What more could you ask for?

Ready for new bath towels?

Whichever size bath towels you need, you'll find them in Pip Studio's broad range of both small and large bath towels. Need a bath towel to wrap around your hair? Choose our smallest size, at 55x100 cm. Prefer a large bath towel to embrace you after stepping out of the bath? We recommend the large bath towel 70x140 cm.

Beach or sauna towel

If you plan to spend the day at the beach, you’ll definitely need a beach towel. Planning a relaxing evening at the sauna? Don’t forget your sauna towel! Our version is both large and highly absorbent.

Solid colour bath towels

Prefer more subtle colours in your bathroom? Choose one of our solid colour bath towels. They’re available in a such beautiful colours as blue, green, coral, khaki and pink. To create a warm ambiance in your bathroom, we recommend having a look at the blue and khaki Tile De Pip bath towels. If you're more the dancing and singing to cheerful pop tunes type, the towels in the Good Evening series are just what you need.

Happy, colourful bath towels

Want to give your bathroom a cheerful touch? Pip Studio has plenty of options to choose from. In the Good Evening collection, you’ll find bath towels with elegant flowers and such details as birds and butterflies. All of the bath towels go together perfectly, so you can mix & match to create a stunning bathroom in your own personal style.