Looking for a new place to store your favorite cosmetics or other items for on the go? Check out our makeup pouches. These small pouches don’t only look stunning, they are perfect to keep everything nice and organized.

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Often, when you’re on the way you quickly touch up your makeup. For a first date or workday, just a small touch up of lipliner or an extra cote of lip-gloss. Most of the times it’s not necessary, but a lot of us still do it. But before that happens, you first search your bag for a while to find everything. When you put everything in a makeup pouch, you have everything quickly at hand, perfect.

Fits perfectly in every bag

The makeup pouches from Pip Studio are easy to carry because of their thin, narrow shape, which makes it easy to carry with you. It slides right into your handbag, next to a book or your laptop. In addition, the beautiful designs are available in pink, green or blue. These eye-catching colors are easy to spot in your handbag. This means goodbye to endless searching for that one lip-gloss.

Who doesn’t like to combine?

The makeup pouches match with several products. Among the things, you can go for one of our various bags! This way your makeup pouches match perfectly with your bags. That will look stunning! In addition, your make-up pouch looks great next to the bathroom accessory sets. This way your brushes can go from the matching drinking cup into the make-up pouch.


You don’t need to use one of our pouches for your cosmetics. Not a big fan of makeup? No problem, this pouch will still be a must-have. It’s a handy pouch that will keep your bag organized, for your self-care products like a crème, deodorant, a lip balm, or your nose spray, it’s also ideal.

In summary, this makeup pouch will make your bag much more organized. And a tidy bag is a peaceful mind. All the comfort to keep your make-up or other products together and with beautiful make-up bags. You better be there as soon as possible. This way your bag will be organized a clean.