Espresso cups

A true coffee lover drinks her espresso from Pip Studio espresso cups. Choose your favorite print and enjoy in style.

Enjoy an espresso in style with the Pip Studio espresso cup and saucer

Drink a delicious espresso in style with the cups and saucers from Pip. An espresso is perfect for a small break during the day or after dinner. Drink your espresso in a beautiful espresso cup to make it even more fun (and tasty) for yourself. The different collections consist of, for example, the Flower Festival design for floral lovers or the Love Birds print, for a modern yet amiable feel. Which cup would you like?

The perfect espresso

An espresso is served in a small espresso cup filled with a strong shot of coffee. Besides the fact that an espresso cup looks nice for serving, you also need tasty coffee beans, a coffee grinder, and a coffee machine. Finfish it off with cute teaspoons and a serving trayand you’re done. In need of a little more energy? Go for a doppio. This is a double espresso. A doppio also fits in the espresso cups from Pip Studio. A good espresso is the ideal coffee for every moment!

Mix and match with additional coffee crockery

Our Pip Studio coffee crockery wouldn’t be complete without he is matching additional porcelain items. Mix and match your espresso cups with porcelain sets or create the perfect table setting with a cake trayor cake platter for a cozy coffee-hour. Did you know it’s always recommended to enjoy an espresso from a porcelain cup? This is because this kind of material can keep the warmth longer. Let yourself be inspired by all the different designs and share your espresso moment with Pip.

The espresso cups from Pip Studio are also available as 2-piece sets!