Sugar bowls

Pip Studio's sugar bowls complete your current tableware and are also very handy! An item you absolutely cannot miss in your kitchen cupboard.

If you already have a complete dinnerware set, Pip Studio accessories are a nice addition to brighten up your current assortment. Our assortment of sugar bowls consists of different prints, colors, and sizes. With a variety of designs, there is a suitable sugar bowl for everyone.

The Pip Studio sugar bowls

With our different collections, you can easily expand your dinnerware into a complete set. The different colors and prints allow you to mix and match your favorite items. The sugar bowls all have different sizes and come with a lid. Besides being super handy, you can also let our eye-catcher shine from the kitchen counter. For sure, your visitors will look at your new purchase.

Coffee in Pip Studio style

Having visitors over for tea or coffee? Then of course get your Pip Studio tableware out of the cupboard with the matching cake plates. Place the pastries on one of our cake stands and pour the coffee or tea into our matching cups. Then to make it complete, conjure up the sugar bowls and milk jugs on the table.

Is a sugar bowl the perfect gift?

Looking for a gift? Many people already own a complete dinner service, from plates to glasses, everything matches. With the Pip Studio sugar bowls, you make the set complete and unique. The perfect addition! Because of the different and colorful designs, there are plenty of choices. Surprise us!

Will you complete your collection for your next tea party?