When it is nice and warm outside or when you long to put on something nice and airy at home. Then do so with a nice t-shirt and shorts from Pip Studio. More ween about the shorts from Pip Studio?

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A pair of shorts is often a garment that fits wonderfully and is perfect for when you are at home. At home on the couch or in the garden when the sun is shining. Pip Studio shorts become even more fun when you match them with Pip Studio tops.

Is it shorts weather or not?

A question a lot of people ask themselves right after winter or at the end of summer. Fortunately, there is always a nice warm space in the house. There is nothing better than sitting at home with a pair of shorts and if you are cold then you can always put a nice plaid or quilt over you. So, shorts can be worn all year round.

How to you go out in style

Pip Studio shorts are comfortable to wear at home, but also stylish enough to go out in. Combine it with a long-sleeved shirt, and you will absolutely steal the show. Complete your outfit with the other homewear items before heading out the door.

Complete the outfit with accessories

You have on shorts with a nice T-shirt and comfortable shoes underneath. Then complete your outfit with the Pip Studio accessories. From cute hair accessories to the right wallets that make for perfect combinations with the bags of Pip Studio. Now you can go out in style.

How do you style the shorts from Pip Studio?