What’s better than wrapping yourself in a soft and comfortable bathrobe after a hot shower? Choose your favorite colour and print and complete your spa moments!

Relax in a Pip Studio bathrobe

Looking for a delightful bathrobe for relaxing and staying warm? In other words, an essential item for your wardrobe? How about a high-quality bathrobe made of thick premium cotton? At Pip Studio, you’ll find bathrobes in a variety of colours, sizes and designs. On hot summer days, you’ll probably be more interested in a light and airy bathrobe, so why not choose one of our elegant women's Kimono's?

100% cotton bathrobes

Made of 100% cotton, Pip Studio bathrobes have a super soft feel when wrapped around your body. And did you know that high-quality cotton not only makes the bathrobe durable, but this material is also wonderfully moisture-absorbing, breathable and fast-drying?

A morning gown for women

A bathrobe for the ladies is not only practical after enjoying a wonderful shower or bath, but is also the perfect morning gown. Or perhaps you have a spa day scheduled? Why not bring your own sauna bathrobe with you? Our bathrobes are equally as delightful for cosying up on the sofa in the evening.

A kimono as flowy bathrobe

A kimono should be soft, comfortable and made of thin, airy fabric. Ideal for combining with your most comfortable outfit on your day off, though also the perfect morning gown while enjoying the day's first cup of coffee. You’ll find them in a variety of colours with a range of elegant floral prints among our wear collection.

Which design suits you the best?

Like fun prints combined with lots of colour? Then the Good Evening bathrobes are a great choice. These bathrobes feature a design with elegantly drawn Oriental flowers. The Good Evening series comes in colours like yellow, blue, green, pink and red. Prefer a more subtle print? Have a look at the Les Fleurs bathrobes

Plain morning gown

Are you the more subtle type and expect the same from your morning gown? The Soft Zellige bathrobes come in solid colours like green, blue and pink with luxury details. The Soft Zellige series also features a hood for hiding in! Looking for beautiful bath towels? Take a look at our Secret Garden collection.