Salad bowls

Serve your favorite salad in a beautiful porcelain salad bowl from Pip Studio! The magical prints and colors will brighten up your fresh meal even more.

Porcelain salad bowls from Pip Studio

Nothing is better than serving your special dish beautifully. We sell unique designs full of wondrous details. Mix & match the prints with our different collections, or go for a beautiful set. Our salad bowls are made of refined porcelain and are the perfect size to serve your salad. Your fresh salad tastes even better from a Pip Studio bowl.

Colorful bowls with decorative details

A salad bowl is even more fun if it also has a special print. You will find different styles in our collection. For example, check out our Blushing Birds bowls or Royal multi if you like a botanical look. More of a modern fan? Royal Yerseke has an eccentric blue wave pattern with gold details. Which print will you choose?

Mix & match with different sizes

We not only sell salad bowls, but also other types of bowls. Combine with different sizes to serve appetizers during a cozy get-together, or choose a serving bowl as an extra addition to the table for a delicious dinner. Each salad bowl belongs to a unique collection that can be mixed or matched.

Eye-catchers in your home

Not only are the salad bowls handy in the kitchen, but they can also add a lot of fun to your interior! Use the colorful bowl as a fruit bowl on the dining table. Sweet tooth? The bowl is also perfect for storing your favorite candies. The cheerful details give your interior a fresh touch. Our salad bowls are also perfect for gifting during the holidays. Check out our gift page for even more inspiration.