Green rugs

Looking for green rugs? We offer various sizes and prints to complete your interior.


Complete your interior with a green rug from Pip Studio

Are you missing some extra ambiance in your home? You can achieve this with a beautiful rug from Pip Studio. A rug is a real eye-catcher in the home and exudes a certain atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a small or large rug, Pip Studio offers green rugs in various sizes. Perfect for under the coffee table or the couch. We have beautiful carpets that will meet all your needs!


Be inspired by stunning designs

Our unique rugs with a vintage feel are available in different prints. Go for cheerful flowers with Fleur Grandeur or choose elegance with Majorelle, Moon Delight, or Pip Chique. All our rugs are made of high quality, namely 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. The rugs are each inspired by antique and traditional rugs, and we've given them our own contemporary and fresh twist. Which rug will you choose?


Green: the colour of nature and a fresh feeling

The colour of your rug is also very important. If you want to create a fresh feeling in your home, green is a good option to create this. Besides being a refreshing colour, it is often associated with nature, which can provide a calm and harmonious feeling for many people. So, Pip Studio's green rugs give a sense of tranquility while also appearing cheerful due to the unique designs. Complete the look with a matching stool, view our assortment here.

Pip's Tip: Also, check out our unique carpet runners in matching designs and green colours.