Pink rugs

At Pip Studio, you'll find a wide range of pink rugs with a vintage look. Still looking for an eye-catching piece for your home? Then a pink rug is the perfect solution.


Vintage pink rugs with unique designs

A pink rug can give your room the desired cozy atmosphere and bring everything together beautifully. It's a lovely centerpiece that remains beautiful for a long time. These rugs are made of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic.


Vibrant coluors and stunning details

A beautiful rug can add that extra sparkle to your interior. The unique designs of Pip Studio's pink rugs tell a beautiful story through vibrant colours and intricate details. From imaginative flowers, scenes, layered patterns, to embellished borders. Doesn't that sound like a fairy tale? So, there's a rug for everyone that suits their interior. If you're looking for a rug enriched with flowers, then the Fleur Grandeur rug will fulfill your wishes. Searching for a more classic print? Check out the pink Moon Delight or Pip Chique rug.


Various sizes and pink carpet runners

Pip Studio's pink rugs are available not only in various designs but also in different sizes, ensuring the rug fits perfectly in your decor. The pink rugs are available in four different sizes such as 120 x 185 cm or 200 x 300 cm. In addition to rectangular pink rugs, we also offer stylish pink carpet runners. For example, the pink rug runner Majorelle will give your hallway a stylish look with its pink tones and vintage ambiance.