Are you going out? Always take your Pip studio leggings with you. The leggings are multifunctional and ideal for traveling. Want to know how you can style the leggings?

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Packing your suitcase is always a bit of a trial and error. The amount of weight, do you have an outfit for every situation? Pip Studio helps you out! Besides being multi-purpose, the leggings have something for everyone. With different lengths, fits and many original designs, there are several options. So everyone can feel comfortable in Pip Studio's leggings.

Sport leggings

The first way you can use them is as leggings for sports. The elastic band, which is included in every legging, makes it comfortable to exercise in. Especially when combined with our matching sports top, you will steal the show at the gym!

Lounge leggings

Because the leggings are so comfortable, they are great to wear in your spare time. Working from home or a day of doing nothing on the couch? Wear the leggings and you'll feel comfortable and at ease.


Thanks to the floral design, the leggings are fun to match to an everyday outfit. Pair with a matching hoodie from Pip studio. Put on your favorite shoes underneath, a nice long coat and one of our cross body bags around it. This way you can spend an afternoon shopping or enjoy a lunch in comfort but still be stylish.

What occasion are you shopping for? An afternoon with friends, an hour at the gym or just to relax? Practical to take these leggings in your suitcase when traveling, because they are guaranteed to come in handy!