Happy products for happy people!

About Pip Studio

How it all started

Anke van der Endt graduated in 1996 from the Design Academy in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Immediately after graduation she started working freelance designer for various companies. As Anke rather designs her own products she decided to set up her own label in 2007. As Pip is Anke's alter ego, she decided to give Pip a central role. Pip takes her fans on an incredible journey, always looking for new inspiration to design new collections - wherever she goes. These stories are the starting point, the soul of the brand. Also a nickname from her youth, it wasn't long before she found the perfect name for her brand.

Pip’s studio makes everyday products, especially things she can't find to her own liking. Her eye for detail, special finishes and layered designs ensure her products are guaranteed to bring a sparkle to everyday life. This design vision is articulated in Pip Studio’s motto: Happy products for happy people.

Pip always follows her heart and stays true to her intuition. She always raises the bar, uses the best materials and always aims for the best make. Her collections are always connected to one another, forming an intricate part of a wider universe. What's truly special is that Pip’s ethos conquers hearts and minds everywhere. Without knowing it, she hits a universal chord.

Handmade prints

Pip isn't guided by fashion or trends or even commerce. She only does what she likes and finds beautiful, and nothing else. This may seem controversial and a contradictory, but it's not. Within no time, her mix and match collections conquered all major department and specialty stores all over Europe. Pip Studio is even making inroads outside of Europe. It's sold in no less than 40 countries.

The success isn't all down to the designers. Pip Studio's partners play an equally important role. Every carefully selected partner has made their mark in their own field.


Over the years the Pip team has grown to 16 employees. They are all inspired talents, with original creators and passionate product developers. All of them have their own specific skill, and work together with Anke to create and distribute a wide range of products. Pip Studio produces the following ranges:

Homewear, comfortable clothing with a summer and winter collection every year.

Beachwear: breezy summer dresses.

Bed linens, complemented with a large selection of quilts and decorative pillows.

Bath linens, bathrobes supplemented with towels in all sizes including beach towels.

Bathroom accessories and toiletry bags.

The porcelain collection includes, in addition to fun gifts, several continuous collections: Jolie, Royal collectie, Blushing Birds, Love Bids, La Majorelle and Floral.

Wallpapers and wallpowers have been meanwhile published in four books.

Exclusive decorative cushions that give your couch that special touch.

Cement tiles, manufactured according to a centuries old process, but equipped with modern decoration typical of Pip.