Soap dispenser

Soap dispensers are bathroom accessories that should not be missing in your bathroom. The dispensers are not only handy, but with our unique designs, they also look very graceful.

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Soap is a product you almost always find in the bathroom, make this practical product a chance to brighten up your bathroom. Surely it is much more fun to put the soap in a pump and style it next to all your other bathroom products. Will you complete your bathroom with Pip's unique designs?

Match the soap dispensers with cups

Pip's drinking cups, together with the matching soap dispensers, provide a total picture on the sink. A drinking cup can be used for many things, like toothbrushes, make-up brushes and many more bathroom items.

The perfect bathroom set

At Pip Studio, we sell bathroom accessories not only separately but also as sets. Within the Kyoto Festival collection, you will find drinking cups, soap dispensers and bathroom trays that we also sell in sets. The Kyoto Festival collection is available in multiple colors. Are you not looking for a complete set? Then you can also get all the products separately.

Final touches

Your sink is a prominent part of your bathroom, by dressing it up with bathroom accessories you create a complete picture in the bathroom. At Pip Studio, you will not only find soap dispensers for the bathroom, but also colorful towels and washcloths for the cabinets. Bathrobes to keep you nice and warm and toilet bags to store your things. All these items together make the bathroom complete.

Take a moment for yourself and rediscover your bathroom, which items are missing to create that really nice atmosphere?