Fitted sheet 100x200

With the Pip Studio fitted sheet 100x200, you can bring a touch of cheerfulness and comfort to your bedroom. The beautiful designs of Pip Studio, combined with high-quality materials and a perfect fit, ensure that your bed looks like a true work of art and an eye-catching centerpiece in your bedroom every day.


Pip Studio's high-quality fitted sheet 100x200

A good fitted sheet must first and foremost be made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and a pleasant feel. Pip Studio's fitted sheets in the size 100x200 are made of 100% percale cotton, which is soft, breathable, and easy to maintain. Percale cotton ensures that the fitted sheet feels cool during warm summer nights, while it retains warmth in the winter. Ideal for every season!


Choose the right colour and print

A fitted sheet can be a real eye-catcher in your bedroom, especially if you opt for a bold colour or print. Pip Studio offers a wide range of colourful 100x200 fitted sheets with cheerful patterns. If you prefer a serene atmosphere, it's best to choose a solid-coloured fitted sheet in a soft hue like the Goodnight by Pip fitted sheets. If you're looking for something more striking, go for a fitted sheet with a print, such as the Suki fitted sheet. Complete your bedroom with a matching duvet cover or lovely decorative cushions!


Suitable for every bedroom

A fitted sheet is an essential part of your bedding and should, therefore, be of good quality and complement the rest of your bedroom decor. Pip Studio's fitted sheets are made of high-quality percale cotton and are available in various colours and prints. By considering the dimensions and your personal style, you're guaranteed to find the perfect 100x200 fitted sheet for your bed.