Blue pillowcases

Complete your bedroom with beautiful blue pillowcases. The pillowcases are made of wonderfully soft cotton and high quality. Which pillowcases will you mix & match your bedroom with?


Blue pillowcases from Pip Studio

Are you in search of delightful blue pillowcases? At Pip Studio, you'll discover a wide range of blue shades and various prints. These pillowcases are crafted from wonderfully soft and high-quality cotton. Explore an array of exquisite pillowcases that perfectly complement our duvet covers. Did you know that the dark blue pillowcases are reversible? This allows you to create a fun mix-and-match effect in your bedroom.


Enchanting details and prints

The blue pillowcases are adorned with charming prints and intricate details. Opt for cheerful little flowers with pillowcases from the Mirrorama, Tokyo Bouquet, or Kawai Flower collections. These pillowcases can be matched with corresponding duvet covers from the same collection. If you're seeking a botanical ambiance, take a look at the Japonica or Saluti Grandi collections. Craving a luxurious bedroom atmosphere? The dark blue pillowcases are finished with an Oxford border, adding a touch of luxury. Which ambiance speaks to you?


Mix and match with various styles

Pillowcases can be styled in multiple ways. You might choose to go for a cohesive feel by purchasing a matching duvet cover. Alternatively, mix the dark blue pillowcases with another blue duvet cover for a tonal effect in the bedroom. Thanks to the vibrant, colored details on the pillowcases, you can easily pair them with a different duvet cover that incorporates these hues. Complete the look with charming blue decorative cushions and a cozy throw or quilt.

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