Pink pillowcases

Pink pillowcases add extra atmosphere to your bedroom. Pink is a beautiful, romantic, and loving colour.


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Pink pillowcases for a cozy bedroom

All our pink pillowcases have matching duvet covers but can also be used separately. Embark on a journey with Pip Studio's unique prints and rest peacefully in style with a pink pillowcase. Explore the rich range of pink shades, from pastel pink to antique pink.


Prints & details to dream away

Pip Studio's pink pillowcases are adorned with beautiful prints and details. The pink Tokyo Bouquet pillowcase features a placed print with large elegant fantasy flowers and small flower branches. The pillowcase has a subtle pattern that adds depth to the print. Kyoto Nights has a symmetrical print of flowers and ornaments. Our pink pillowcases are finished with a beautiful coloured trim and a bow or button closure in accent colours. A true eye-catcher on your bed!


Styling tips for the bedroom with Pip Studio pink pillowcases

It's fun to match a pink pillowcase with a matching duvet cover, but you can also create a playful effect by mixing it with a different duvet cover. Complete the look with a beautiful knitted throw. Mixing a floral print pillowcase with a plain duvet cover makes the pillowcase the focal point on the bed. You can also choose to mix different pillowcases on your bed for a fun twist. How will you style a pink pillowcase?