White pillowcases

Give your bedroom a zen feeling with white pillowcases. This soothing color is perfect for the bedroom and easy to mix and match with a matching duvet cover or another pattern.


Find Peace with White Pillowcases from Pip Studio

A white pillowcase creates a luxurious hotel-like ambiance in your bedroom, making you never want to leave your bed.


Dreamy Details and Material

In addition to being adorned with beautiful prints, we aim to create that extra touch of luxury in your bedroom. Our pillowcases are finished with a quilted Oxford edge on the sides and can be closed with a matching bow or button closure. Moreover, our white pillowcases are double-sided, with the back featuring a cheerful stripe or bow pattern.


Cheerful Patterns

Pip Studio is known for the unique 'one of a kind' patterns on our products. Opt for white pillowcases with a floral design, which you can find on the Flower Festival and Cece Fiore pillowcases. If you're looking for a calmer pattern with a cute detail, check out our Giardini di Frutta or Little Birds white pillowcase. Giardini di Frutta is adorned with a summery lemon tree on the side, and Little Birds features cheerful little birds.

Tip: Mix and match with stylish home accessories to complete your bedroom.