Blue cushions

You never have enough cute decorative cushions! Pip Studio's blue cushions create the ultimate look on your bed.


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Elevate your room with luxury and style using Pip Studio cushions

Blue cushions are a delightful addition to your bedroom, ensuring that your bed looks stylish even during the day. Coordinate Pip Studio cushions with your bedding for a harmonious look. Made from high-quality cotton and velvet, Pip Studio cushions radiate luxury and style. Explore our range of cushions.


Combine Blue Cushions with Other Colors in Your Interior

Pip Studio's blue cushions can be seamlessly paired with our extensive range of duvet covers. Opt for a serene ambiance by adding a blue duvet cover or create a burst of color. The fine details of our cushions make them versatile enough to match with other colored covers, such as pink or green.


Blend Different Styles and Prints

Beyond the various shades of blue, the cushions are adorned with exquisite patterns and details. Create a modern feel with a round decorative cushion or add cheerful little flowers during the summer with the blue cushions from the Fleur Grandeur or Kyoto Festival collections. Mix and match different shapes like rectangular and square for a playful vibe in the bedroom.


Not Just for the Bedroom

These cushions are not limited to the bedroom. Easily style them on your couch for a cozy atmosphere. During warmer days, you can also place these cushions on chairs or your garden or balcony bench for added comfort. The blue cushions also make fantastic gifts for loved ones.

Also, check out our blue bolster cushions. A bolster cushion not only adds charm but can also be quite practical. Because of its elongated shape, it's perfect for leaning against or placing under your elbow for added comfort.