White cushions

Who doesn't love a serene yet luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom? Cushions are the perfect addition to create a beautiful harmony in your bedroom.


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Lovely White Cushions for Your Bed

A white cushion can be styled seamlessly with items you already have in your bedroom, adding that extra touch of luxury to your bed.


Magical Designs with Luxurious Details

Pip Studio's white cushions are each meticulously detailed with a unique print and exquisite finishing touches. Almost all our white cushions are adorned with a quilted Oxford edge and a unique bow or button closure. They are all double-sided, with the back of the cushions featuring a stylized stripe or bow pattern. If you're a fan of flowers, check out our Kawai Flower or Cece Fiore collections.


Style the White Cushions Your Way

Our cushions aren't limited to the bedroom. Use them on your couch to create a cohesive look in your living room or style them on chairs to make your meals even more comfortable. Mix and match with other delightful home accessories to create your dream interior.


Various Sizes & Shapes

All our white square cushions are finished with an Oxford edge, fabric button closure, and are double-sided. Our rectangular white cushions also feature a quilted Oxford edge and a unique bow closure in matching colors. Looking for something special? Pip Studio offers beautiful quilted cushions, which come with a soft polyester filling. Additionally, all our white cushions carry the label 'sustainability,' learn more here.