White duvet covers

The bedroom: a place to let go of everything and completely relax after a long day. It's essential to create a pleasant atmosphere so you can rest well.


Create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with white duvet covers

White is a calming colour that can certainly help with that. With white duvet covers, you can quickly achieve this feeling. At Pip Studio, you'll find white duvet covers with stylish designs to dream away under.


Various prints to suit every taste

At Pip Studio, you'll discover various white duvet covers with cheerful designs. A fan of flowers? Then take a look at the Kawai Flower or Tokyo Bouquet white duvet covers. Both duvet covers are adorned with rich floral patterns and flower branches. Searching for a tranquil botanical vibe? Then our white duvet covers Festa di Lividonia are perfect for you. These collection feature tropical plants and trees with occasional playful animals.


Silky soft material to dream away under

It's also essential that your white duvet covers feel comfortable during your night's rest. Pip Studio's white duvet covers are made of 100% Percale cotton, a soft material to dream away under. The latest collections (from spring/summer 2022) of our bed textiles carry the 'sustainable' label. Our bed textile partner, Beddinghouse, is affiliated with Better Cotton (BC) and produces based on these guidelines. By choosing these cotton products, you support our investment in the Better Cotton mission. It doesn't get much better, does it?


Mix & match with fun bed accessories from Pip Studio

In addition to charming white duvet covers, there are plenty of bed accessories to complete your bedroom. For example, opt for a matching bolster pillow and throw blanket to create a luxurious feel. Finish off the bedroom with cute candle holders or a cheerful bouquet. Such a cozy room in your home, can you already wait to crawl under the sheets?