Cotton plaid

For the cold winter days on the couch or in bed, for the cozy summer evenings in the garden, or for that extra touch in your interior, there's nothing cozier than a lovely throw blanket.

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Make a Statement

At Pip Studio, you'll find cotton throw blankets with various dreamy patterns, embroideries, and shades to enhance that cozy feeling just a bit more. Pip Studio plaids definitely make a statement in any space!


Benefits of Cotton

Our cotton plaids are each crafted from high-quality and durable cotton, ensuring you can enjoy the Pip Studio throw blankets for a long time. Thanks to the cotton material, these blankets are breathable and temperature-regulating. They're perfect for keeping you warm during the colder winter days and providing comfort during the hot summer days. A truly versatile throw blanket!


Mix and Match

Our cotton plaids make your interior even more charming when combined with a matching duvet cover or pillows. This allows you to give your bedroom or living room a luxurious look in no time. Match a wintery colour like dark blue or red for the winter months, and pink or green for the summer months.


Blanket Sizes

You can find our cotton throw blankets in various sizes, making them ideal for pairing with your favorite bed or sofa. We offer smaller sizes for single beds or your couch and larger sizes for double beds.

  • Throw Blanket 130 x 170 cm
  • Throw Blanket 150 x 200 cm
  • Throw Blanket 180 x 260 cm
  • Throw Blanket 220 x 260 cm
  • Throw Blanket 270 x 260 cm