Care guide duvet covers

How to keep your bed linen nice and fresh

Investing in high-quality bedding is important. Not only does it look gorgeous in the bedroom, but it also brings a good night's sleep. You have picked your new favourite Pip Studio bedding and you are ready for a fresh new bed. In this care guide you will learn what to pay attention to when washing and how to turn your bed into a heavenly bed and to sleep on clouds.


Our bedding is made of finely woven 200TC cotton percale. This is a luxurious, breathable fabric that feels firm and crispy. Cotton percale also has moisture-regulating properties, making it wonderfully cool to sleep under. The duvet cover has an extra wide tuck-in strip, so you can use it on both sides. Also, our bed linen is long enough for a box spring.



We recommend washing your new Pip bedding once before use. To keep the colours fresh and vibrant; only wash with similar colours. You can wash the bedding up to 60 degrees, but for environmental reasons we recommend washing at 30˚C to 40˚C. Choose a detergent without bleach. It is important that when your washing programme has finished, you take the bedding out as soon as possible. Hang it up straight away or put it in the dryer. This will prevent the prints from bleeding and ensure that it will keep smelling fresh.


Bed styling tips

Make your bed a real eye-catcher. There is a certain elegance to a well-made bed. The best way to enhance the feeling of quality is to iron your bedding first. Then start with a fresh fitted sheet. Fix your duvet and fold over the top edge and tuck it into the side of your bed. Choose two more pillowcases. After all, a bed with four pillows looks nice and is super comfortable. Add more style and colour with extra (decorative) cushions for an even more beautiful result. Fluff up the pillows so it looks fluffy. Finish off your bed with a plaid for a luxurious look and you will sleep in seventh heaven.



Pip Studio is known for its always unique duvet covers. They are reversible and multi-coloured which makes them perfect for a mix&match with our colourful fitted sheets. Did you know that you can also buy separate pillowcases from Pip Studio? And that these can also be used on both sides? Combine them with your favourite duvet cover or mix&match with a new design. You can also combine the pillowcases with a white duvet or with one of our neck rolls and decorative pillows.