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Care guide terry cloth

This is how you preserve quality and soft terry

Investing in high-quality towels is important. Not only does it look great, but it also completes your moments in the bathroom. You've picked out your new favourite Pip Studio terry cloth and ready for zen moments. In this care guide, you will learn what to pay attention to when washing and how to keep enjoying quality soft and fresh towels.


Our towels are made of 100% high-quality cotton (terry or velour) with a quality of 500 gr/m2, which makes the towels super soft and firm to the touch. The high-quality material gives them excellent moisture-absorbing, breathable and quick-drying qualities.


We recommend washing your new Pip towels once before use. Towels are best washed separately from other laundry. This prevents cotton fibres from being damaged by buttons and zips, for example. Moreover, fluff from your towels can end up on other laundry. You can wash your towels at 30˚C to 40˚C. In addition, do not use too much detergent, otherwise soap residue may remain on the towels.

How do you keep your towels soft?

It is better not to use fabric softener. This is because fabric softener puts a layer over the fibres that makes your towels less able to absorb moisture. An ultimate tip to keep towels soft is to use vinegar, no matter what kind. This descales, degreases and dissolves soap residue with a wonderfully fluffy result. A very good natural solution that is also good for the washing machine itself.

Drying your towels

Whip out your towels before drying them. This will ensure they stay soft for a longer time. Take your towels out of the washing machine immediately when the wash cycle has finished and put them in the dryer. Don't have a dryer? Then it is best to let them dry outside on the washing line. The blowing wind will keep the towels moving, which will keep them soft. Isn't the weather great? Then, of course, you can dry them indoors, but make sure to whip them out well before and after drying.

Bathroom styling tips

Display your bath textiles in the bathroom and give them a nice spot. Place a supply of towels along the bath edge or above the toilet. Put a few washcloths in a basket. In addition, hang large towels on hooks. At Pip Studio, there is plenty of choice to give your bathroom a cheerful touch. From elegant flowers with birds and butterflies to coloured plain towels, which make them perfect for mixing & matching. Let your bathroom shine and create your own home spa.

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